About Us

Welcome to Citizen Nantes, the top news source for all current events of the city with top class reporting.

Citizen Nantes strives to deliver engaging content, designed to inform, inspire, captivate, and entertain you. We try to capture a large spectrum of issues, thereby providing to every reader something of their interest.

We started this endeavor in order to provide to the global audience a chance to learn about the socio-political events in Nantes which are many in number but does not receive enough media light on them. We strive to bring in stories that not only stir up a conversation, but also news pieces that are important information to the populous for a healthy knowledgeable growth.

One of the factors which propelled us towards the decision of starting Citizen Nantes was the fact that the socio-political conditions which the people of Nantes suffer from are not the only examples of such issues in the world. Rather, it is something which is rampant, and therefore shedding light on these issues of Nantes allow them to become part of a global problem which needs regional solutions.

In the past we had been termed as a rather controversial new website, however what we do is produce the truth in front of the people of Nantes and worldwide. And if this is to be termed controversial, then let us point the fingers at the truth and the actions of the wrongdoers, rather than towards our journalistic position.

We hope you enjoy our reporting as much as we enjoy bringing great stories to you.

Why Is Citizen Nantes In English?

This is a million-dollar question, considering the fact that we are a local news website born and bred in France, dedicated to the city of Nantes.

And although French is an expressive language, we prefer to keep the content in English because we intend to voice the issues of Nantes to a global audience. The happenings of this city in terms of a social-political spectrum are far too many and this is news which needs to go beyond the borders of French speaking populous and enter into an international narrative.

As we have stated before we try to present the present the events of Nantes in such a manner that they fit into the global discourse. And in order to ensure that this happens, the language of English becomes one of the primary tools.

Our Vision

We base our journal pieces on honest reporting and not to ensure that they get counted as top news. They are stories that build trust and allow the people of Nantes to know that there are voices which till date refuse to speak anything beyond the truth. We try to create a strong bond with our readers and work hard to maintain and strengthen it.

Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor, once said: “To have another language is to possess a second soul.”

We are not sure if we gained a second soul by bringing Citizen Nantes to you in English, but we do know that we provided a voice to many who never thought that their problems would be brought to light. And we promise to continue to bring to light issues that concern us, and the people of Nantes, no matter how disturbing or shocking they might be.

Our Mission

Being an independent news website, we at Citizen Nantes believe that it is our responsibility to question established narratives and provide a platform to the alternative whenever possible.

Thus, we are an alternative voice for unreported issues that institutions want to suppress through the inactivity of the sold-out mainstream media.

We strive to be representatives of what one calls alternative journalism and present to our audience news pieces that are absolutely devoid of yellow journalism.

What We Do?

From crowded urban spaces of Nantes, to remote villages, our team covers untold stories that place you at the center of the news.

We run regular tabloids on various events and try to keep the purpose of our news source to be as less related to the entertainment industry as possible.

We like to think that we provide real news to real readers.


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