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The Best City To Work

A report published by L’Express, a French daily, revealed the most sought-after cities in France to live and work. The leading newspaper took into consideration a variety of aspects, including transport systems, weather, housing facilities, and even air quality, to identify the best city in France for professional life.

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Police Shooting: Is There Hope For Racial Equality

Riots erupted in Nantes after French police shot dead a 22-year-old man, Aboubakar Fofana, during a stop-and-search operation. The incident sparked two nights of non-stop violence and rioting. Protesters burned dozens of cars, hurled petrol bombs, and set alight many buildings in the Breil neighbourhood, including a library, a shopping centre, and a police station. The same night, riots broke out in two other areas, Malakoff […]

French Police Clear Four Hundred And Fifty Migrants From Camp

With rats running wild, lice outbreaks, and scabies, Nantes noticed the plight of nearly 450 migrants, living in makeshift arrangements in the heart of the city.   Until July, the camp of Square Daviais, already being referred to as the “jungle of Nantes”, was the home of asylum seekers coming from disturbed African nations like Guinea, […]

The city, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, is the country’s 2nd most-successful commercial hub after Paris, in terms of employment growth. Modern-day Nantes is a home to 25,000 business establishments, and 200 research centres, mapping over 275,000 jobs in diverse sectors.

French Police Clash With Eco-Activists

In a major clearing operation, a unit of 2,500 riot police officers, on Monday, Apr 9, 2018, stormed into ZAD before dawn, wrecking barricades and bulldozing activists’ camps along their way in armored vehicles.

As the police cleared the area, around 250 dissenters fought back, hurling petrol bombs, pelting stones, and flinging other projectiles at the police force.

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